Mental Health Peer Specialist

locationFort Worth, TX, USA
PublishedPublished: 12/8/2023


Full COVID-19 vaccination is an essential requirement of this role, unless individual is approved for a reasonable accommodation based on disability, medical condition, or religious belief that prevents them from being vaccinated. MHMR will adhere to all federal, state and local regulations as well as all client requirements and will obtain necessary proof of vaccination prior to employment to ensure compliance

Pay is determined by relevant experience, work history, education and internal equities. As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices, MHMR offers the maximum compensation for candidates based on their experience, education and internal equities of the agency. This practice removes biases in compensation and assist hires and/or promotions on pay equity in their appropriate position(s) at MHMR.

The average rate for this position is… 18.00

I) Job Purpose

A) Peer Support Specialist is responsible for providing peer support services to MHMRTC consumers in compliance with TDSHS/TIMA requirements to include:  Recovery and Wellness Support- includes information on, support with and assistance planning for recovery, Mentoring- includes serving as role model, assistance in finding needed community resources and services, Advocacy- includes assistance in crisis situations, and assistance in ensuring that an individual’s rights are respected. These services will be provided in both group and individual settings.  Utilizing his/her unique recovery experience, the Peer Specialist will teach and provide an example of the value of recovery and foster positive relationships with support resources. Peer Specialist’s model effective coping techniques, self-help strategies, and efficient use of community resources and natural supports. S/he will develop and implement educational, support, and affiliation groups based on consumer needs and preference.
S/he will grow and maintain rapport with the clinic Wellness Team and solicit feedback regarding programming. 

II) Essential Functions

A)  Effectively facilitate a variety of affiliation and self-help groups using strategies targeting common issues of peers and others. Goals will include cohesion and common sense of purpose. These activities will provide both emotional and affiliation support to consumers.
1. Performance Requirement(s):

2. Develop peer group meetings based on the determination of group needs identification.

3. Engage consumer based on their level of receptivity and individual needs.
a. Call individuals in services and introduce peer services with focus on new intakes, transfer appointments and hospital releases
b. make contact to discuss peer services within two business days for all internal referrals
c. Assist  in the orientation process for persons who are new to receiving services 

4. Use personal experience with recovery to establish rapport and relationship building with consumer and/or family.

 B. Assist consumers in determining desired objectives to reach his/her recovery goals and remain engaged in these activities.
Performance Requirement(s):

1. Continue service orientation – in individual and group settings - of outpatient clinics and other available MHMR services, encouraging consumer to keep and participate in all appointments
2. Coach recovering people in the independent use of community/natural supports.
3. Help persons in difficulty explore options that may be beneficial to their recovery and to maintaining stability.

C. Meet the needs of customers while supporting MHMR and Peer Support missions.
Performance Requirement(s):
1. Consistently communicate and treat customers (consumers, their representatives, visitors, and all agency staff) in a courteous, tactful, and respectful manner.
2. Provide the customer with consistent information according to established policies and procedures. 
3. Handle conflict and problems in dealing with people constructively and appropriately.
4. On the whole, practices excellent customer service with every category of customer: peers, staff, families and community providers.

      D.  Develop and provide programming for the Community Center and Outpatient Clinics.
Performance Requirement(s)

1. Solicit pertinent topics from members and staff. Sit in on team meetings to receive referrals, to follow up with clients in peer services
2. Research and develop group and workshop materials, preferably with members.

E. Facilitate a variety of informational support groups using approved curriculum and materials.
Performance Requirement(s):

1. Develop timely face to face and electronic materials for group meetings.
2. Complete all documentation necessary for billing attendance and feedback 100% of the time.

 F. Provide information about recovery, peer support, and consumer perspectives to employees.
Performance Requirement(s):

1. Develop presentation and handout materials to educate staff.
2. Be available to answer questions regarding peer support, recovery, and the consumer perspective.
3. Be an active participant in recovery team meetings and provide input of individuals in peer services.
4. Be an active participant in interview process for all positions for the Recovery/Wellness Team they work with.

G. Offer support in a manner consistent with recovery philosophy, which emphasizes peer and natural support, and the impact of difficult times.
Performance Requirement(s):

1. Engage individuals who may be at-risk and provide stage-appropriate recovery education and supports.
2. Encourage consumers to become self-directed, focus on their strengths, exercise use of  natural supports and view themselves as helpful, not just helped.
a. Meet with team lead or program manager monthly to review individuals enrolled in peer services. Persons receiving over 12 months of continuous support through the clinic Peer Specialists should be reviewed by Recovery/Wellness Team at clinic to see if such intensive supports are still needed, other than group attendance. 
i. create a plan for individuals who are transferring to develop rapport with new peer specialist
ii. create a plan to decrease peer services and link individual to community supports and activities

H. Maintain a resource library of recovery-oriented material and resources.
        Performance Requirement(s): 
 Maintain a library of educational materials, electronic and hard copy, which encompasses the full spectrum of recovery-related topics and research.
1. Coordinate with other agencies and community-based programs to make resource materials available for the members.
2. Make materials readily available to members.

I.  Recognize and respond appropriately to crisis/difficult situations.
Performance requirement(s):
1. Assess emergency situations and notify supervisor or designated person of actual or potential problems. Exercise good judgment in stressful situations and respond calmly and quickly. 
2. Understand and utilize non-violent crisis intervention procedures to help people if they are having intense feelings, but know when to alert staff regarding safety concerns.
3. Display teamwork and defer to clinicians/management during emergency.
4. Debrief occurrence with supervisor, accepting input and counsel with current and future situations.
5. Work with consumers emphasizing talk of harm to self or others cannot be kept confidential. 
6. Immediately report threats of harm to self or others, and abuse of care givers to appropriate staff.

J. Meet the needs of customers while supporting MHMR and Peer Support missions.
Performance Requirement(s):
1. Consistently communicate and treat customers (consumers, their representatives, visitors, and all agency staff) in a courteous, tactful, and respectful manner.
2. Provide the customer with consistent information according to established policies and procedures. 
3. Handle conflict and problems in dealing with people constructively and appropriately.
4. On the whole, practices excellent customer service with every category of customer: peers, staff, families and community providers.

K.  Receive training as needed for performance of job duties.
 Performance Requirement(s):
1. Initially achieve and then maintain the current status for 100% of agency and program-required training.
2. Meet as required with Program Director for Peer Professional Development.

     L. Complete and submit required documentation.

 Performance Requirement(s):
1. Submit documentation at established standards for completion, accuracy and timelines 100% of the time.

M. Performance standards are performed as applicable with MHMR’s We CARE values “We Connect People in Our Community.  We Provide Access to Services.  We Link People to Resources.  We Empower People.”

N. Perform other job duties or responsibilities as requested or assigned.

Performance Requirement(s):

1. Exhibits a willingness to assume additional duties; seeks the guidance of supervisor prior to beginning an unfamiliar assignment.

III) Knowledge of Laws, Regulations, Policies/Procedures, Skills, and Abilities

a. Knowledge of MHMRTC Policies and Procedures
b. SSI/Medicaid, SSDI/Medicare Eligibility Requirements
c. MHAS and Peer Support Services Policies and Procedures
d. Knowledge of personal resources necessary to deal with recovery from mental illness
e. Knowledge of recovery and peer support principles
f. Sufficient understanding of mental health practices to allow comfort in dealing with staff, families, and people with mental illness
g. Exhibits knowledge of and commitment to ethics, cultural competence, and boundaries   necessary to perform job
h. Knowledge and respect of all client confidentiality laws and agency guidelines and other  client rights
i. Knowledge or experience accessing local community support services
j. Able to utilize own experience with mental health and translate this experience in helping others
k. Ability to work collaboratively with other and accept constructive feedback
l. Ability to establish a trusting relationship with peers using excellent interpersonal skills
m. Ability to navigate and advocate through various systems
n. Working knowledge of MHMRTC’s programs and services
o. Skilled in use of Microsoft Office programs, i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
Ability to plan and carry out all assignments

IV) Internal & External Customer Service

a. Superior customer service skills; courteously provides assistance in a concise, informative manner, keeping a positive, courteous tone and appropriate non-verbal body language.
b. Position requires extensive personal and public contact with individuals, staff and community.

V) Travel

a. Position requires routine travel. Employee may also be required to travel within the county.  Employee must be able to attend overnight training.
b. This position may require temporary or permanent re-assignment to any MHMR of Tarrant County facility as determined by program needs or the Division Chief.
c. Reliable transportation necessary for in-county travel

Minimum Requirements 

Required Education

High School Diploma/GED

Defined Education

Required Experience
One (1) years of experience in the related field.

Defined Experience
Must have at least one cumulative year of receiving community mental health services for a disorder that is treated in the target population for Texas, 1 year of life experience in active recovery, self-reported.  



Completed peer specialist orientation and self-assessment, completed Peer Specialist Core Training and passed the knowledge assessment.
Complete Peer Specialist Core Training and Mental Health Peer Specialist training within 6 months of hire date.

Required License(s)

A valid Texas driver’s license
Within 1 year of hire date obtain 2-year peer certification and maintain certification biannually by completing CEU’s provided in Tarrant County when available.

Required Supervisory Experience


Testing Requirements
Pre-employment tests including drug and TB Screening, Physical Exam including balance and lift test.
Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA)

Lifting Requirements
15 Pounds

Our Benefits:

Our total rewards program offers benefits* to full time employees beginning 1st of the month following hire date including but not limited to:

• Comprehensive healthcare options (Medical, Dental, and Vision)

• Life insurance and additional supplemental accident and hospitalization plans

• 401a match and 457 deferred compensation plans

• Paid vacation and holidays; varied flexible work environment locations

• Annual tuition reimbursement program

• Student Loan Forgiveness

• Professional development programs and training

• And more…..

Insurance eligibility:

• Full time employees begin 1st of the month following hire date

• Market driven positions (full time or part time) begin immediately after hire date

• Select part time market driven positions are eligible for most insurance plans

• Substitute status jobs are not eligible for benefits

For more information, click https://www.mhmrtarrant.org/benefits/

Additional Information
*MHMR of Tarrant County (“MHMR”) and its affiliates and subsidiaries have an internal recruiting department. MHMR may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters herein after referred to collectively as “Recruiters"). Recruiters are hereby specifically directed NOT to contact MHMR employees directly in an attempt to present candidates – MHMR recruiting team or other authorized MHMR personnel must present ALL candidates to hiring managers. For more information please visit our website www.mhmrtc.org